UrBin Grower

UrBin Grower Self Watering Container

Why the UrBin Grower™ Self Watering Container?

The UrBin Grower™ is a compact self‐watering organic growing system perfect for the urban family. It can be used anywhere, anytime – a patio, balcony, fire escape, backyard, greenhouse, or even inside during the cold months. Its innovative design allows for portability, yet also encourages a bountiful harvest. By utilising the Square Foot Gardening Method, the UrBin Grower™ allows you to grow endless vegetables in a manageable container. The UrBin Grower's™ unique sub‐irrigation watering design waters plants the way nature intended ‐ from the bottom up.

Watering into the UrBin Grower’s™ visible reservoir allows you to monitor the water much more effectively than in other self-watering planters, in which you must water through a tube into a hidden reservoir. The soil system wicks moisture up to the roots, drawing nutrients with it. The soil system also air prunes plants to keep the root growth constant and prevent root circling. With the constant exposure to oxygen you no longer need to worry about over watering either. The fresh air prunes the tip of the roots which causes them to branch off, creating an even healthier root system.

At A Glance

With the UrBin Grower™, you can grow almost anything, anywhere: tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn, lettuce, herbs, squash, cabbage, onions, strawberries, ornamental plants and much more. The UrBin Grower™ is a complete kit, including the container, soil separator, and watering tray, an instruction booklet, and a set of seed starter trays.

UrBin Grower™ Breakout

How the UrBin Grower™ Works

The UrBin Grower™ is uniquely designed to use capillary action to draw water up through soil and to take the guesswork out of watering. Plants take the water they need out of the visible reservoir. This way, you can see exactly how much or how little water your particular crops desire. This is a healthy, sustainable way to water your plants. As the water is drawn upwards through the soil into the root systems, it delivers essential nutrients to your plants rather than those nutrients being washed away when you water from above. In traditional plastic plant pots, roots grow until they hit the inner edge, and then the roots start circling around the pot. Roots that are circling around a pot are more susceptible to the negative effects of excess heat, drought and disease. To encourage strong, healthy roots the UrBin Grower™ utilises air pruning, a physical technique that keeps root growth from extending beyond its nutrient-rich growing media, or circling around its container. This is achieved by exposing the root tips to relatively dry air and stopping their growth. The layer of air between the water in the reservoir and the soil separator, air prunes the plant roots. This stimulates further growth of secondary roots that branch out within the growing medium. More roots means more water and nutrients.

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