The Nature's WormeryTM 360 Compost Bin

Nature's Wormery 360Turn your kitchen and household waste into treasure using the power of worms. This updated patented version of the Nature's Wormery allows for composting indoors and outdoors, year-round!

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The Nature's WormeryTM Standard Compost Bin

Nature's Wormery StandardRecycle your kitchen and household waste and create the highest-quality compost available. This uniquely stackable, efficient wormery kit is fun and easy to use for children and adults.

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The UrBin GrowerTM

UrBin GrowerGrow your own organic vegetables anywhere with all-natural soil amendments in this patent pending self-watering container.

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Nature's Wormery Additional Trays (2 pack)

Coco CoirThese trays are compatible with both the Nature's Wormery® and Nature's Wormery® 360 model. Increase the capacity of your composter by adding additional trays and expanding its potential!

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Coco Coir

Coco CoirCoir is the coarse fibers from a coconut husk and is a 100% natural and renewable resource. Enhance the quality of your soil structures with this extremely absorbent and fibrous amendment.

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