Worms require certain temperature, moisture, oxygen, and food conditions to be happy and healthy and create compost.

Worms thrive when their bedding temperature is between 12° and 24° Celsius, so it is important to make sure they aren’t exposed to conditions much below or above that range. Here are some tips on managing Worm Bin Temperature.

The bedding in a Nature's Wormery should be moist but not wet, about the same as a wrung-out sponge. Here are tips on keeping your worm bin at the optimal moisture level: Worm Bin Moisture.

Worms breathe oxygen through their skins, and beneficial microbes also thrive in oxygen-rich environments. Therefore, making sure the compost and bedding are aerated is very important. Here’s how: Worm Bin Oxygen.

Worms enjoy a wide variety of foods, including kitchen vegetable and fruit scraps, egg shells, coffee filters and grounds, shredded paper, newspaper and scraps of cardboard or paper egg cartons. Make sure you’re feeding your worms regularly but not too much. Here’s how: What to Put in Your Worm Bin.

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