We recommend feeding your worms a diet of 50% food scraps (nitrogen) and 50% fiber and paper scraps (carbon). This will give your finished compost balanced nutrient levels and maintain the proper moisture level in the trays. You do not have to follow an exact recipe. Chopping up food scraps, especially hard items like carrot chunks or raw potato, before adding them to the bin can help to speed up the process.

Do not add meat, foods that contain meat products like dry dog or cat food (check ingredients), dairy products, spicy foods, oils (such as in salad dressing), or foods with high salt content. Do not add foods that generate a lot of heat like yeast, grass clippings, or feces (manure). Do not add pine, cedar or fir sawdust. Hardwood sawdust is ok. The goal is to recycle what you would usually throw away. You don't have to buy food for your worms. For much more information on what to feed your worms, see What to Put in Your Worm Bin.

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