National Hardware Show Nature's Footprint and the IGC show in Chicago 2012 By Global Garden Friends | Aug 30, 2012 Global Garden Friends founder Mike Donaldson interviews Ralph Rhoads of Nature's Footprint about their innovative garden product called the "Nature's Wormery™® 360 Worm Bin". A solution which allows for composting indoors and outdoors, year-round.

Chicago Flower and Garden Show Nature's Footprint at The Chicago Flower And Garden Show By Grow Your Greens | March 10th-18th, 2012 Check out a short video by Grow Your Greens discussing the new self-watering growing solutions by Nature's Footprint seen at the Chicago Flower And Garden Show!

National Hardware Show How the UrBin GrowerTM works By Grow Your Greens | May 18, 2010 Learn about the UrBin GrowerTM in this short video from John at Grow Your Greens. He'll take you on a tour of how this unique self-watering container works, point out features that set it apart from its competitors, and explain the added value of the included soil amendments.

Building Soil Fertility Building Soil Fertility with the Nature's Wormery™ 360 By Grow Your Greens | July 29, 2010 Check out a short interview by Grow Your Greens discussing how the Nature's Wormery™ 360 builds soil fertility in your garden!

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